11 This is two skeins of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, in Iron Ore, on their way to becoming a sweater for #2 son. A stockinette rectangle, and therefore not interesting.


We had a good rehearsal last night. We’re doing Handel’s Messiah, a wonderful oratorio full of lovely melodies, even for the altos, who are often given a theme consisting of an E with the occasional G to look forward to.

We’ll have 100 singers and 50 instruments, and on stage that will be more than just having beautiful music wash over you. It will vibrate right through us, presumably leaving our pancreases and spleens and whatnot in a state of vibrant wellbeing.

But I am also rather looking forward to having the concerts in the past. I’m in the chorus, which is obviously less work than singing the arias, so it isn’t that big a thing. However, I have felt as though I’ve been going at a breakneck pace lately. I have rehearsals every night this week (have I already mentioned that eleventy-five times?) and then two performances, and there is the big music at church, and I also have four more shows between now and Christmas, plus several for which I still have to finish up paperwork and follow-up calls and all that.

Oh, and Christmas preparations, for which I am responsible at my house. And work. And life, you know.

The important thing is to enjoy it all.