We had some trouble last night with “All We Like Sheep.” The director wants separations between “all,” “we,” and “like,” and then wants “like ” and “sheep” sung together with a lot of K and very little SH. The choir in the video rarely looks up at the director, which is probably because they don’t want to see his frantic signals about making “we have turned” more staccato.

I had some trouble with “The Lord Gave the Word,” and also with “Let Us Break Their Bonds.” we have a month to get it perfect, though.

#1 son tried to persuade me to skip rehearsal last night and instead to stay home and watch “The Big Bang Theory” with him. However, a chemist friend in the bass section told me that it has been established that singing choral music makes positive changes in brain chemistry.

I can use some of those.

Actually, aside from the too much work problem, I’m fine. And, since the tuition payments just squeaked through my bank account, I clearly need as much work as I have. But it’s good to have evenings of singing.