rock-the-vote-18x24rev We had a good rehearsal last night. The director spoke to us lovingly. Really, he did.

“I love you guys.”

We had all four choirs participating in the Requiem there, so we had about 200 voices. It sounded pretty good, too. The choir room is too small for this kind of affair, so we were in the band room, in chairs flat on the floor, those of us in the back trying to see him as best we could.  There was absolutely nothing erotic about the experience.

As we moved through the rehearsal, though, I kept hearing overtones in the director’s words. I think it’s because once you hear a single overtone, you can’t stop hearing them. Even if they aren’t there.

“Let me see your bright eyes.”

“Bounce with me a little.”

“Give me bright sparkling eyes.”

“Don’t rush, tenors. It’ll be more beautiful if you don’t hurry.”

After working on a line with the altos, “Okay, gentlemen, they’re ready for you.”

“Breathe together.”

Yes, well, in combination with his serene face and suave voice, these words, while I couldn’t seem to quit hearing sexy overtones, were quite inspiring.

The young voices were with us. I assume they were the ones inspiring the cute language. I don’t think this director obey_votehas ever asked us in the Master Chorale to bounce with him, or to give him our bright sparkling eyes, either. I like the sound you get with both young and mature voices together. The tenors, especially, sounded completely different with the students mixed in. On the “Agnus Dei,” they sounded like angels. It was hard to believe that those same youths would, in an hour or two, be doing things like wolfing down pizza and tossing beer cans at each other and swearing.

 Maybe they don’t do that. My own son doesn’t act like a lout very much, at least not when I’m around.

Yesterday was another perfect workday. I did stuff for the Aussies, met with a new client, wrote blogs, went to lunch with Janalisa, had a couple of electronic meetings with web designers, did stuff for Clients #3 and 4, and got carte blanche for one of the pro bono sites which has been hanging fire for months. It was fun. I like the variety and flexibility.

Today I have class, and a meeting with The Computer Guy, and then I’m going to mind Client #3’s place of business for a few days.

Here’s what I’m not doing: getting to the gym or even taking walks, eating right, sleeping enough.

Regardless of what happens with the Medical School, there has to be a point at which I get back to having a normal life. Maybe I’m fooling myself and I never did have a normal life, but it seems to me that once upon a time I had healthy habits and got a lot more needlework done and wasn’t always in a rush.

Vote today, fellow Americans. If you are not a white male landowner, then someone in the past suffered for your right to vote. Honor their memories by taking the time to vote today.