I have half a dozen more Christmas gifts to knit. My knitting time is somewhat curtailed by preparations for performances, work, my new gym schedule, my involvement in the state history encyclopedia, the HGP, and life. I have a lace stole and a Prayer Shawl on the needles, and a cardigan planned to begin as soon as we reach fireplace weather.

Obviously, the very last thing I needed to do was to cast on anything else. However, I have a good excuse. The $1 yarn at Target (not a bargain, for 65 yards of nylon) is now 25 cents a skein. While I am not much of a fluffy yarn knitter, I have been admiring the fluffy bed jacket in Rebecca Home 7, so I figure it would be worth buying up the stock — if the yarn is nice. That had to be determined before all the bargain yarn was snapped up.

So I swatched with it. I was intending to make the Braided Scarf from Debbie Bliss Home with the three balls I had already bought, so I just went ahead and cast on the number of stitches called for. No trouble to frog the little bit if this yarn turned out to be destined for greater things.

It is not destined for great things. It is like trying to knit with fog. Fog which, while it is so unsubstantial that I was constantly dropping stitches, turns around the next moments and wraps itself around the needles in a death grip and will not slide. The knitted bit will not hold a shape. Do not consider using this yarn for anything where shaping, gauge, pattern, or fit might be important.

I did not wash this swatch, as a really good yarn reviewer would have done. I am guessing that washing this yarn at all would be an error.

I will go ahead and make the braided scarf, though I am going to do it in garter stitch — ribbing is not worth the trouble with this yarn.I quit ribbing halfway through the swatch and switched to garter stitch, and I defy you to find the point at which I did so.

But I don’t think this yarn is for the garter stitch scarf afficionado, either. I am an experienced knitter,and I find it very irritating. I wouldn’t wish it on a beginner.

I think that the perfect project for this soft, pretty stuff would be a nice basket with balls of it piled up and some straight needles (also going for a quarter at Target, and also poor quality) sticking out of it. For your coffee table.

And Dweezy says, “When you embrace life, you’re likely to get something on your shirt.” Wise words.