I made it to the gym yesterday. I did only the treadmill, half an hour of climbing uphill while reading Inc. and Wired, but that was enough. I had a proper lunch. I stopped working at 5:00 and made dinner before going to rehearsal. After rehearsal I sat down with #1 son and watched The Color of Magic.

He played his guitar all the way through the movie.

Even so, I conducted myself as though I had a normal life. I am so far behind I can’t believe it.

The Computer Guy is in another spell of accepting no new work. He’s behind on our current shared project, which naturally makes me look as though I’m behind as well. I look at this and think he’s crazy not to hire someone. He should have hired me. He has an office, he could hire somebody, accept the work, and grow his business. On the other hand, I have hired some people, am accepting new work every day, and feel very stressed about it. So maybe he’s right.

I finished up one skein of yarn for #2 son’s sweater. Dividing the remaining time till Christmas by the time it took me to get that skein knitted up, considering the other knitted gifts I have planned, suggests that I need to knit faster.