La Bella and I went to a choral concert last night. It was excellent. Several different choirs, a good variety of music, including several pieces that La Bella and I have sung together, so we got a bit of nostalgia with our music.

One of the conducters directed as thought she were dancing the hula. I was mesmerized.

We ran into my old voice teacher and one of my daughter’s old voice teachers. Fun. La Bella also told me that our old choir director had announced that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I am not knowledgeable about this, but it seems likely that he will be better off under professional care than he was when it was just all his friends saying that he was loony to the tonsils.

When I got home, I went online to see if my daughters were around to talk with, and found that I got to request another title from Frugal Reader. They send you an email when someone wants one of your books or you get to ask for someone else’s book.

I have still not really joined in properly. It seems like such a pleasant and sensible idea that I am not sure why I am hesitating. I have put half a dozen titles into my “library” — that is, the list of books people may request from me. In order to maximize my results from Frugal Reader, I should put in another dozen or so — in fact, all the books I am willing to pass on. Then more people will request my books, and I will be able to request more books myself. In fact, there are rewards for putting in various numbers when you join, all of which I forewent, putting in just the minimum number required. I am not sure why. After all, if someone came to my door and asked for my copy of The Object of My Affection, I would hand it right over, glad that it was going to a good home.

But there is an unpredictability factor. What if 10 of my books are requested, costing me $20, and I do not find any books I want to request? This could happen. There is an altruism requirement here, I suppose.

I have not yet read the first book I received under this plan. I am supposed to be reading Pompeii for book club next week, I have an unread Booksfree book, I have music to learn and a costume to make and cookies to bake, all for Hallowe’en night. Since Christmas is precisely two months away, I have to complete my gift knitting at a faster pace than I have been managing so far.

Now, the great thing about this is that, while I am feeling a little pressed for time, it is all time spent in pleasant pursuits. You do not hear me saying that I must hurry and grade a bunch of papers or that I am falling behind on work-related things. No, indeed. At work, I am completely on top of everything, and have time to read the new books and compose the newsletter.

The things I am rushing to do are, well, sitting on the couch and knitting while reading novels. Listening to practice tapes while baking cookies. Sewing while watching movies. I am having trouble fitting in all this leisure between social engagements, visits to the gym, and rehearsals.

I recognize that I can only expect very limited sympathy for this.