It is #1 daughter’s anniversary. This is one of her wedding pictures. Do you think I am posting this in order to show off my lovely daughter and her knitting pattern husband? Of course not. I am showing off the wedding dress I made. Here is a picture showing the train:






And here is a detail of the hand applique and beading on said train:



And, hey, I made the bridesmaid dress, too, along with #2 daughter:


It is customary for bridesmaid’s dresses to make them look like a giant confection of some sort, so I think #2 daughter was lucky to be a tall scoop of raspberry sherbet. The dress was supposed to have a bunch of ribbon roses, but she politely refused to allow that. She wouldn’t let us put any in her hair, either. There is one at the back, however. The pink dress is bridesmaid satin, and has never been worn since.

The wedding dress is an underdress of satin, with an overdress of embroidered organza with pearl beading and hand-finished French seams. It’s from a Vogue pattern and took about one hundred hours to make. I’m making that up. I don’t know how long it took. I do know that I enjoyed every minute.

So Happy Anniversary to #1 daughter and Son-in-Law.