Here’s my bento box with rice, teriyaki beef, fruit and veg.

I don’t have either the cuteness or the fully-packed-ness down, but this is a good way to arrange for lunch, and it lessens the inclination to send #1 son out for something — anything — just because I can’t take time to think about it.

I’m working on an interesting new project: , where they make iPhone cookbooks.

You pick your recipe, tell it how many people you have coming and what day you’ve planned it for, and it’ll make your shopping list and I suppose remind you that you were going to make Chicken in Wine and Apricot Tart.

Currently, they have a kosher cookbook. I’ll keep you posted.

Fortunately, #2 daughter is going to help me out. Otherwise, who knows what I would do, because this is what my markerboard looks like.

I went to rehearsal last night anyway, though I felt that I ought to stay home and work instead, and I’m glad that I did. It’s beginning to sound pretty good.

#1 son spoke with #2 son yesterday, for those of you who follow the adventures of the younger generation. I said, “Is he happy? Is he doing well in school?”

#1 son assured me that his bro hadn’t mentioned being unhappy or not doing well in school, so we’re optimistic.