10 La Bella brought me some more fabrics.

Possibly her entire stash.

When I go places with La Bella, I sometimes feel as though I’m the “before” picture and she’s the “after.” Not quite so badly now that I have taken up being better dressed at least some of the time. But still, there’s a real contrast.

She always looks good. She is always well-dressed and well-groomed. She wears accessories.

Naturally her fabric stash has good stuff in it.

More Pendleton wools, including yards more of the stuff I used to make that skirt which is still waiting for hemming. Obviously I have to make a jacket from it. I might never wear the two pieces together, since wearing a blue plaid suit could make me look eccentric, but I obviously have to do it.

There’s also a wonderful camel wool, and some green-blue blouse fabrics, and cottons and linens in nice bright colors, including a large quantity of coral. It could become a dress.

10These fabrics might need to be for someone else. This season I’ve branched out from my usual gray to brown, but I’m not sure I could branch into coral.

Maybe for spring. La Bella is the sort of woman who looks completely natural in turquoise capri pants. I find the blue and gray plaid a bit loud.

In any case, I now have so much fabric that I am going to have to do some sewing. No question.

Yesterday I got the word that my perfect class schedule for next term — two days a week at 7:30 in my own county — has been changed to three days a week at 8:00. That means that I have to drive three days, during rush hour. It’s an extra hour our of my week, and of course no extra pay. Also I’ll have to dress properly three days a week instead of two. Plus Sunday, since I go to church.

I’m planning to look into the distance learning. I am enjoying my IRL class so much that I didn’t hesitate to accept one for next term, but I might want to switch after all if there’s all this driving and wearing of proper clothing.

Yes, I’m feeling a bit whiny again. How did you know?

I was all excited to see yesterday that I had 800+ links to my website. I ran my backlink analysis software, though, and I find that I have hundreds of no-follow links and a mere dozen real ones. Sigh. Also the dog wet on the carpet and in spite of baking soda the house smells evil. And … let’s see…

See, it’s somewhat frustrating to feel whiny and have no good stuff to complain about.