Here’s where I’m teaching this term. A high muckety muck came to visit us yesterday and I asked for a computer in the classroom, or at least white boards that could be erased. The current ones just get more gray and smeary.

I bet that’s what it’s like when you’re a pooh-ba. Everywhere you go people are either trying to impress you for the sake of their careers or hoping you can get something for them.

In any case, my enforced hanging out with him took up my gym time and I went home and conferred with the bookkeeper until time to go to the dentist.

The dentist sort of beat me up. I’m sure that’s not how they see their work, but that’s how I feel about it. In any case, I now have a crown, which is apparently quite a normal thing. Everyone I know seems to have one.

I did the work for The Northerners. My logistics people feel satisfied and finished for the nonce, which is a relief. I like them a lot, but I needed to cut back somewhere. I sent out invoices. Then I got an emergency writing assignment for this men’s magazine I write for, and agreed to write it last night after rehearsal so it could go to press today.

La Bella picked me up for rehearsal. We worked on a whole bunch of Messiah, including “He Trusted in God,” which was new to me. We’re supposed to sing it in a sarcastic and snarky manner, but haven’t yet gotten that tone to the director’s satisfaction.

Then I came home and wrote about another charity gala. I hadn’t realized how many of those we have around here. I don’t get invited to them much.

And that was it.