Let’s talk about the most important thing first: knitting. As you doubtless recall, I finished the right front of IVy and went to sew the shoulder seam, whereupon I discovered that it completely didn’t match the back. Since the book doesn’t use schematics, it is possible that it is not supposed to match the back, but I didn’t see any hint of that in the directions. So I was left with the possibility that the back was wrong and needed to be frogged, or that the front was wrong and needed to be frogged, and no way to know which it was.

Ivy languished un knitted-upon for several days while I thought about this. At last, I realized that I can knit the left front and see. Since Back-to-School is past, I can pay proper attention and knit it correctly, and then see which of the completed pieces is wrong and must be raveled.

Accordingly, I cast on the left front and have done a couple of inches. I’ll let you know what happens.

My dad came over yesterday with car parts and slaved away on my car while I worked on the computer. My work at the computer is extremely varied. Some of the time I was working on the deep question of how inconvenient orders are arriving at our website and what I could possibly do to fix that. Some of the time I was bemoaning the fact that my Google ranking has slipped since I have been working on the publishing project and the RLT (actually, the rankings are okay for the RLT), and seeking ways to fix that. Some of the time was about mollusks, and some of it was about government, and some of it had to do with the confusion in state abbreviations. There were a couple of emails involving stickers and borders.

All of this looks just exactly the same. Me, sitting at the computer, typing and staring.

Having done this work, I made a cake (practice, practice, and the cries of “Make me some cake, woman!” from my silly boys) and dinner while my husband, who arrived home in the course of the cooking practice, slaved over the car some more.

Up to this point, all was going according to plan except for the fact that I didn’t get any exercise into the day. Then my husband needed me to find out car things for him. I am no good at this, and it messed up my carefully-planned evening and caused me to be late to rehearsal.

I hate being late. Fortunately, I got there just as the warmups began, so perhaps I wasn’t really late.

When I got home, the new parts were installed, except that the new belt is 3/4″ too large. So my car is still not going.

I have to drive to the store today, so I drove my husband to work at 4:30 a.m. and must leave the store to go over and pick him up at 3:30, at which point he will drive me back to the store and go home, and then I suppose someone will come pick me up at 6:00 and take me to the Pampered Chef training, following which I will beg a ride home from someone. I have skipped over the part where my husband lost his temper, but it was about 4:15 this morning, and it suddenly seemed to him that all of this was my fault. Since I have been struggling against feeling that all of it is his fault, I have some sympathy. Not a lot, because I haven’t had enough sleep to be really sympathetic, but some.

I may or may not get to the gym this morning. I actually have a car to drive, so I want to go, but I am seriously low on sleep this week, so I don’t feel like it. Is it better to be sleep-deprived and exercised, or to be sleep-deprived and sedentary?