Rehearsal last night included “The Lord Gave the Word,” another of those parts of Messiah that I’ve never heard of. It’s kind of odd to me that there are so many of those. I’ve sung this thing for decades by now. You’d think I would have noticed all those pages we skipped, if nothing else.

We also worked on “His Yoke is Easy and His Burthen is Light,” which always makes me think of a horse race. You can get that as a ring tone, by the way.

#2 son called me last night while I was in rehearsal. He was watching a game when I called him back, so then he called me back. After all the phone tag, it was nice to hear that things are going well. He’s in his first round of tests and thinks he’s doing well and getting good grades, he’s having fun, and there’s a gymnastics studio within biking distance of the school where he’s applying for a coaching position. He hasn’t been able to get a work study job for some reason, so this is good news.

Here it is Tuesday and I haven’t even mentioned the HGP this week, let alone done it. The cleaning task for this week is the foyer. If that’s where you keep your grand piano and your chandelier, then you better get cracking. I always just treat this as a second chance to finish cleaning the living room, which I haven’t done.

This is also the week to begin putting cookies in the freezer, as well as another meal for when things get busy. Hollow laughter is permitted here.

You put two boxes in your pantry this week: one for the holidays and one for charity. Then, when you go grocery shopping this week, you buy two extra canned goods from your master holiday grocery list. One goes into each box. I don’t buy many canned goods, even at the holidays, so I extend that to nonperishable foods generally. If you do this, then you won’t be looking at your grocery list in shock come mid-December, and you’ll be ready for all those extra food drives.

I have a couple new Dark Art people through The Computer Guy, plus a little site update for one of our shared clients, and a big site update for another. I have papers to grade and my Dark Art people and a couple of prospective clients I should follow up with. Then this evening I’m starting my new Tuesday night class. At some point I need to get to the bank, the gym, and the grocery. I guess I’d better get going.