“If you’re a solfege person,” the director said suavely, “it’s mi-sol-sol-do.”

This may not sound like the sort of thing a person could say suavely, but this director is always very suave.

An hour or so earlier, The Computer Guy had said, “I’m a control C/ control V person.” Me, too.

But are these reasonable ways to define ourselves? I guess they’re no different from being “a meat and potatoes man” or “a Cosmo girl,” but aren’t those kinds of statements supposed to define a person in some larger way? If you say that someone is a cat person or a dog person, you’re offering a whole gestalt of hearty dog-loving tramps through the woods and dog’s head on your knee by the fire later versus quiet and quirky unspoken companionship, aren’t you?

So what can you deduce about me from the fact that I’m a control C/ control V person, but only marginally a solfege person?

Good luck with that.

Yesterday I did a couple of hours each for the New Mexican and the Aussies, a couple of blog posts, and then went up to meet with The Computer Guy to learn how to get into my website and put the words in, and then on to rehearsal, where I am also doing some pro bono website assistance. Except that there may or may not be a website. The director figured I could design something, and of course I could, firmly ignoring the whole conversation The Computer Guy and I had about what’s wrong with amateur web designers. But the idea of having a place to put the page was a new one to the people I was talking with.

I completely understand that. I think there was about a year during which I was doing web stuff and couldn’t figure out how you actually got things onto the internet. But the Master Chorale is part of the university, so I intend to hold out pretty hard for a university web page.

When I got home at 9:00 p.m., my husband had made dinner. I appreciated that enormously, let me tell you. There have been times before when my schedule precluded my making dinner at any normal time and I’ve come home at 9:00 or so to find a houseful of guys waiting for me to cook for them.

This morning I awoke to several intriguing and challenging work-related emails. Problem-solving is fun, isn’t it? Not when the problems are things like how to pay tuition or what to do about broken appliances, of course. There’s no fun in that at all. But when you’ve done a nice little “About Us” page focusing on the two generations of pride in a local family business, and they say it’s great except they don’t want any mention of the family or their name, then that’s a tasty bit of a challenge, right?

I have a class to teach this morning, and some basic computer stuff to do first, and then a whole bunch of stuff to do this afternoon. I want to get my homework for my Tuesday class in there, and gym time. Or possibly just a walk. The problem is that if I don’t just go to the gym at gym time, I think to myself that I can just take a walk at any time, and then very often I don’t take a walk at any time, because I get these emails…