I got a lot done yesterday. I submitted my first show, which was kind of exciting, and followed up on the ongoing ones. I knocked out the citizenship section of the store publishing project. I sent in the paperwork for the encyclopedia entry, got errands done, did my homework, and got to the gym.

Then, having made dinner for the family, I set off for my rehearsal.

I had had to pick #1 daughter up from work, as her car is in the shop (a dent, so someone else is paying for it). I got to see what she does at work, which was interesting. But that meant that I was cutting it rather fine. So I was alarmed, as I drove up to the college, to find my path blocked by hordes of squealing girls.

First there was an enormous clot of girls in poison-green T-shirts, making high-pitched noises and jumping a little bit. Scarcely had I gotten through that group when traffic was held up again for a mob of pink-clad squeakers, with a man shouting at them through a megaphone.

I called The Empress, hoping she would answer and tell me that the rehearsal hadn’t yet begun. No such luck.

Traffic moved on for about five feet, and then we stopped for a bunch more girls in white, giggling and flipping their hair. This group had some older women with them who darted back and forth across the road every time it looked as though there might be a space between the groups of girls. Border collies herding sheep was what it was most reminiscent of, except for the squeaking.

I did finally get to rehearsal, and it was a good rehearsal. But I would recommend that you not attempt to drive down Sorority Row on Pledge Night.