The Yarn Harlot ( ) admitted that she watches Survivor. Now I do not watch reality shows and never would, except for one episode of one which was made in a town near here, which I had to watch for reasons of local pride. However, my husband has taken up watching an extremely disgusting one called Fear Factor. He watches it while he eats. The central thesis of this program is the same as other reality shows: some people will do anything for money. In this case, they eat insects and rotten fish, allow themselves to be locked into boxes with mice and snakes, and attempt feats of derring-do.

My husband comes from a country where people eat insects on purpose, and the main condiment is made of putrid fish. And he is physically fearless, able to deal with snakes without turning a hair. If I were ever shipwrecked, or having to face a tiger or something, he is the guy I would want on hand. So he enjoys watching people freaking out while doing things he would not find scary at all. He laughs at them, the wusses.

I would never attempt any of those things. And I would like to make him watch them in some other room, but instead I have to leave the room myself. I hope he gets tired of it soon. He could have been one of the intrepid explorers in Samurai William, all of whom would have laughed at those half-clad “Fear Factor” wusses.

As for the Yarn Harlot, I will overlook this quirk, for the sake of her beautiful mittens and excellent writing style.