This not terribly enthralling video is what I made with my new toy, Corel Digital Studio 2010.  I notice that xanga cut off the last couple of seconds, so that I say “That’s all there is” rather than “That’s all there is to it.”

You can also make fancy things with titles and music, and actual video, for that matter, but this is just my first attempt.

It’s fun and easy. I highly recommend it.

#1 son tells me that he thinks too much. #2 son and #1 daughter also have worried about this at various times. I figure, you’re awake, you have to be thinking, what else would you do?

But in fact, having received this review copy in the mail yesterday and had a little time to play with it between work and rehearsal, I thought about it even when I was asleep, waking up at various times during the night with wild ideas about how to use it.

The main thing we plan to use it for is to make instructional videos for our new website. This one is a concept — I stuck it into the template of the website in order to make sure I could do it. I can. We’ve been quoted $200 as a price for making one of these babies, but I think that once we have it all planned (which we’d have to do even if we hired this guy), we could do it ourselves in ten minutes.

Pride goeth before a fall, of course.

Anyway, this is a very fun toy. I think it costs $99, and you can make snazzy videos of your home movies and picture albums, so you might add this to your Christmas list if you have that kind of household. It has all sorts of special features and fancy titles and things. So far, I’ve had trouble with importing things into it — it’s frozen my computer a couple of times, and I haven’t been uniformly successful in choosing what I thought it should import. I have Vista, though, which is always skittish with new programs, so this probably says nothing about the level of difficulty or of quality of this program.

There is a fun spell when it takes all your pictures and sorts them out the way it thinks they ought to go. Stuff shifts around on the screen as though it were thinking, “That could go here — oh, no, wait — that’s a dog. It should go here.”