As I roamed the knitting blogs today, I found a lot of comments on comments. I even found blogs referencing blogs commenting on comments, a sort of meta-level of commenting.

First, Mayflower ( ) kindly linked to Mr. Joe’s rules for commenting, which forbid any boring remarks, including compliments which do not include supporting data.

Then, TwoSheep’s categories of commenters, from Technicians to Gushers, Artists to “slack-jawed droolers”:

Of course, complaints about comments have some problems with them. First, of course, it is mean to tell people who took the trouble to talk to you and perhaps even admire your knitting that they are boring, let alone slack-jawed droolers. I am assuming that this doesn’t bother the people who are doing it. There are plenty of amusingly acerbic knitters whose blogs I enjoy even though I would probably be scared of them in person.

But it is also the kind of problem — that is, the heartbreak of having too many slack-jawed droolers leave boring gushing compliments on your website — for which you can’t expect lots of sympathy. (In fairness, I must say here that both examples above were talking about comments in general, not just on their own websites.)

I know that the popular knitbloggers do have lots of comments left on their sites. And I sure don’t read them all, so yes I suppose it is boring to do so, but I think this problem is like the sorrows of having too much money. The troubles of the beautiful. The special challenges of having gifted children. The irritation of having too many suitors. That is, it may really be a problem, but people who do not have this problem will not sympathise. It even looks a little like bragging to complain. (I will not mention which of the foregoing predicaments I have suffered from.)

I have come to know and like the people who leave comments here. Both Chanthaboune and Ozarque are among those who have interesting conversations going in the comments of their blogs — I go back and read them more than once to keep up on the discussions. I have found some good blogs by clicking in comments sections, too.

So you sure won’t hear me complaining.