Here’s one of the products I’m working with. Lucky me, eh?

I’ve also got a llama farm to make a website for, and that ought to be a lot of fun. Other new jobs yesterday included a writing assignment for oDesk marketing; that was an audition, really, where they’ll compare my work with that of cheaper options and decide whether I’m worth it. No pressure or anything.

I also was hired yesterday to work with another British IT company. I have an extremely fun assignment for them today, and it could end up as a steady job.

So with those three possibilities popping up yesterday, I was pretty happy. I also got my October magazine stories in under the wire, set up the marketing for The Firm’s new project, and did my usual stuff.

Speaking of usual stuff, I got to class yesterday to find that all the doors were  locked. We held class in the hall. We’re working on a Web 2.0 project on the topic of 21st century skills, and one student suggested that our ability to do that, using cell phones to check data when needed, was an example of 21st century skills.

This is possible. In any discussion of 21st century skills, I tend to have trouble with the idea that things like critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skill are actually more important now than they were in the 20th century. Or the 16th century, for that matter.

Good rehearsal last night.