9 This is the road between me and town.

I really like it. It looks a bit scruffy right now. It’s sort of between summer and fall. In high summer it’s an amazing canopy of green for us to drive through. In fall it’s brilliantly colored, and opens to hills covered with color.

Quite nice, and good for a morning walk. I felt out of sorts and whiny for some reason yesterday, and I needed a good walk in the sweet autumn air.

Why was I whiny?

Hmmm…. I was supposed to have six hours of work, and then I finished it all in two hours. Since I’m paid by the hour, I lost quite a bit of income. I sent the stuff off with a note saying, essentially, you had already budgeted for six hours, so how about if I continue? No response.

The good outcome would be that the client is so impressed with my efficiency that he hires me frequently and recommends me to all his friends. This could happen.

I had a couple of queries in the morning, and responded cheerfully to them, and heard nothing back. And in the afternoon, I had automated responses from oDesk saying that the jobs I’d applied for had said I was too expensive. This is fine. It’s an outsourcing place. I’m competing with people in much cheaper neighborhoods, like Russia and Pakistan. But you know, I’ve see their work. And I’m fast and accurate. And had lost those billable hours, so I would have been happy to have the opportunity to proofread their letters or whatever it was.

Okay. Not much to whine about, admittedly. 9

See, here’s where you go right under the trees.

Hmm…. Well, I plied the Dark Art a bit on behalf of various clients, and read part of a book I need to review, and #2 daughter told me I needed to take accounting classes. Thus inspired, I went and checked the invoices I’d sent and found that one was wrong — was in fact undercharging by about $300 because the hours hadn’t been extended. It took me a good 3 minutes to get it fixed and communicate with the client. Okay, not much to whine about there, either.

I shudder at the thought of accounting classes. However, in my community we have this community adult education program where you can go spend three hours learning all the secrets of some piece of software or the historical implications of the Nuremberg trials or whatever, and I bet they have a class if not on accounting, at least on how to use my accounting software. This would be the time to get all the data in, before I have six months’ worth of it and it becomes an overwhelming job. Then I’d have something to whine about.

Then #2 son got an invitation to apply for a $200,000 scholarship to Chapel Hill or Duke, his choice, and whined excessively about having to fill it out. He wouldn’t be chosen, he said, it would be a waste of his time, he didn’t have anything to say, it had to be 500 characters long. The whining went on. I suggested that, considering the number of characters I’d have to write in order to earn $200,000, it might be worth his time. He didn’t agree. His brother supported him.

9 #1 son also needs a tuxedo in two weeks, and the rental place went out of business. Most inconvenient of them.

Oh, and if you walk down to take a picture of that road, you then have to walk back up this road here.

Not good enough? Okay. We then had rehearsal, and in addition to the gorgeous Faure Requiem we are also singing the rather oom-pa-pa pretty Brahms German Requiem. How about that? It has word’s like “Schmerz” and “wig wird” in it, and a whole section that sounds like you’re discussing Freud’s earwig. We are scheduled to sing this piece in the spring, not just here but also in San Luis Obispo, those of us who can manage the time and money to get there.

And then when I got home, the menfolks had left all the dinner cleanup for me. Again.

My website has crept up to #11 for my name at Google. Amazon is #1. Throughout my time in SEO, I have always accepted, since I work for bookstores, that Amazon is #1 and I can’t beat them. “Right after Amazon” has always been a cause for celebration. I suppose that I’ll have to accept this position for my name as well. Since I’m not even on the front page yet, though, I can be a bit whiny about Amazon’s getting #1 (and also #2, actually) for my own name, can’t I?

Yeah. I don’t know why I felt whiny. I just did.

I feel less whiny today, though I have to drive to The Next County. I expect I’ll live.