I started the DNA over on 3s, so after two days’ work what I have completed is one repeat. But I am happy with it at last, so I guess it is a case of advanced swatching.

I have an early meeting today. I used to work in jobs that required a lot of meetings, and I have to admit that they bring out the worst in me. My idea of a meeting is this: there is an agenda, composed wholly of things that require decisions and action, which everyone sees ahead of time. The meeting begins on time, with all the necessary people present. The items on the agenda are covered, with decisions made and actions committed to for each item. Everyone leaves. In meetings of this kind I am pleasant, cooperative, and helpful.

The agenda-less meeting that I am going to today will consist of 20 minutes’ waiting for people to show, 20 minutes’ discussion of football schedules, 30 minutes’ whining, and maybe three decisions — two of which will be identical to those made in previous meetings and two of which (not necessarily the same two) will be rescinded at the next meeting. In meetings like this I spend the entire time concentrating on not looking as scornful as I feel.

So, can I knit in this meeting? I have enjoyed discussions of whether it is acceptable to knit in church (no), on buses (yes), and in the movies (no, for fear of dropping stitches in the dark). But what about at meetings? It may have to do with discretion. For example, if I were knitting swathes of stockinette, I could knit away while gazing intently at people as they spoke, so they would not question my level of interest in what they were saying. But on the DNA scarf, I am still having to look at the chart. Setting the chart on the table, inside my folder for the project, and sneaking looks at it — well, someone might notice.