I went to a craft fair with Partygirl yesterday, after having finished up a little bit of work while the boys were sleeping. We strolled around admiring everyone’s beautiful stuff, made a couple of small purchases, grabbed business cards, and (once Partygirl suggested it to me) I handed out my cards as well. Most of the artists didn’t have websites, and their reasons were interesting to me.

Partygirl and I haven’t seen each other much since Tuesday class ended, so we had to talk a lot and catch up. It was fun, and it was good to take some time off.

I came home and hung out with the remaining kids, and made them a good though very early dinner. Here you see Teriyaki chicken, brown rice and sticky rice, cucumbers and peaches and green beans from the farmers market (also tomatoes and peppers, but we didn’t eat them — I’ll cook them up into something nice today), and Maple Walnut Cookies from Martha Stewart’s Halloween issue, a nice macaroon-like cookie with a respectable amount of fiber. The dishes of peaches and cukes were full when I put them out, by the way, but the boys had snacked down halfway into the dishes by the time I got the rest of the food on the table.

We had a couple of cookies apiece, and I tried to send the rest back to the dorms with #2 son, but he declined. I put them into the freezer instead. #2 son says he’s eating spinach at school, though he didn’t eat any of the green beans. I put the rest of the dinner into a bento box for my lunch today, and intend to hit the gym this morning.

I have to fax a contract today, which I plan to do on my way to or from the gym, and I have lots of papers to grade. I’m also going to finish up the chocolatier’s site, I sincerely hope. I had a couple of communications from people wanting websites this morning, and I have a couple of people from yesterday’s fair who wanted me to contact them. I also have my usual Dark Art stuff to do.

So it’s a busy day I have planned for today. I took quite a bit of time off over the weekend, though, and feel ready to get back to work.

Dutchman’s Puzzle is now a square. There is a block in the lower right hand corner which I need to take apart and correct. I’m going to make another one or possibly two rows of pieced blocks, and then  add deep borders to get it to the right size for a bed.

I also signed myself and the girls up for a free online html class. I did the first lesson today (nothing new for me, but it will be for them) and set us up a shell in Workspace so we can work together on this. Soccer Boy estimates six months to real proficiency in coding, working on our own. The Computer Guy didn’t give a time estimate, but he believes that people can learn this sort of thing on their own. Both these guys are computer engineers, so we don’t know how true this is, but I have basic background, even if my quilt doesn’t have pointy triangles, so the three of us might end up able to do our own sites if need be.