#1 daughter and the Baby obligingly posed by the sign for a nice tourist photo at the zoo.

It’s a nice zoo, too. The interpretation is impressive, and it’s designed for families.

There was a small aquarium with groups of undersea creatures plus Chinese alligators and other animals that live in or around the water.

There were quite a few big cats, including this glorious tiger relaxing in her bath.

Also these pretty jaguars sharing a nap. We liked the fact that they had toys to play with.

But it’s not all attractive animals. This Komodo Dragon was not one of the cute creatures.

The rainforest exhibit had an intriguing building with lots of different rainforest flora and fauna.

It helps to put the animals into context.

We had frito pie and fruit for lunch.

The Baby needed a break at this point, but she was very good all day.

She seemed uninterested by primates, but enjoyed the goats in the petting zoo. I should correct myself, because she was actually very interested in the human children we saw. Just not in the monkeys and apes.

I enjoyed the gardens, as well.

Tomorrow the Baby is coming to stay with me while her parents go floating.