The pain is much less. I have finished one prescription of antibiotics and have just a few days left of the other. I’m not coughing much. I’m sleeping a lot.

The medication has side effects of nausea and vomiting, which is not pleasant at all. Also a metallic taste in the mouth which makes everything taste foul. I’m still not quite regular, either, and sometimes my stomach hurts. The digestive issues are complicating my already complicated meal management.

I had simplified things down to just eating on a regular basis. I laid in PopTarts and granola bars, as instructed by the urgent care doctor. I wanted to regain some weight and get back my energy.

Now I have to think about my bad news, though.

The pneumonia was the good news. Diabetes was the bad news. I thought I could just eat lean meats and vegetables, but it seems to be more complicated than that. I’m supposed to eat more carbs than I usually would, but of course I must give up all those servings of ice cream and cake I’ve had recently. I think I can do this, but it’s hard for me to eat a plate of anything as it is.

And my continued weakness, fatigue, and pain makes it hard for me to cook.

So should I eat PopTarts to avoid starvation or toss them out to avoid high blood sugar? Live on hard boiled eggs and celery, or tough it out and cook something?

#1 daughter brought me a chicken salad today, actually. It was very nice.

Right now, I’m working five or six hours and otherwise sleeping. I hope to be better in a day or two.