I watch some shows on Netflix that feature female friends who go to lunch and dish. This one has become a lesbian, that one is pregnant, the other is involved in a threesome, the fourth has gotten involved with the FBI while doing her job. Next time they hit a restaurant, they have a whole new crop of exciting news.

Me, I like having lunch in restaurants, but mine are usually working lunches, and if anyone is trying out new sexual options or involved in a murder or fighting a rare disease, it doesn’t come up in the conversation.

But Janalisa and I had lunch yesterday and didn’t talk about work. Our news wasn’t as dramatic as that of the Cashmere Mafia or the Devious Maids or the like, but it was nice to catch up.

We also talked about politics. Janalisa is an independent, one of the few I know. She doesn’t like or trust either of the candidates this year, and I know she’s not alone in that.

I’ve voted for Clinton before and I’m going to do so again. I haven’t seen anything credible suggesting that she’s not fit to be president. I’ve seen Trump calling her the devil and vilifying her, but Trump’s relationship with the truth is distant. He’s not troubled by the fact that everyone can easily check whether he’s telling the truth or not, because apparently he doesn’t see a difference between saying that Hillary Clinton laughed at a rape victim (she didn’t) and saying she’s the devil (she isn’t).

It seems pretty clear that Clinton will win, but I think there may still be consequences.

The election has too much in common with TV. It may be fun to something in common with TV when it’s glamorous lunches (okay, we had the lunch special at a local Mexican restaurant, but it was still nice to have a long and talkative lunch in the middle of a work day), but it’s not so fun when the winner of the reality TV game will actually be leading our nation.