#1 daughter and I filmed a little local TV show today. Then I came home and worked intensely to within 3 minutes of my 5 hours of productive time goal. Then I went to a wonderful recital with La Bella.

Yesterday was nearly 11 hours at the computer.

This week is One Perfect Meal Week. We’re supposed to have one perfect meal each day.

Your perfect meal should consist of about ⅔ vegetables and ⅓ lean protein plus a sprinkle of healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, seeds and unrefined oils

I don’t think I’ve done that. Sunday I mostly spent crying, so who knows what I ate? Monday was writing, plus some phone extensive phone calls. I had carbs at every meal — buckwheat waffles for breakfast, whole wheat for a tuna sandwich at lunch, and veggie pasta with cabbage and beef and zucchini for dinner. Sounds reasonably healthy, right? So my attempt at a perfect meal each day for the week starts with tomorrow.