I woke up late and feeling miserable. A late start on the day and I still feel a bit under the weather.

Here’s what happened.

I worked hard yesterday, but didn’t finish the work. I had a haircut, too, which was relaxing but didn’t help with finishing the work. Then staff meeting, followed by family lunch — good, but again it reduced the number of work hours.

I didn’t work late. I figured I’d work today. So I had a healthy dinner and  stayed up knitting and watching Zootopia, recommended by #2 son.


Then I ate ice cream. But I turned off the computer and Netflix on time and went to bed, planning to read and go to sleep at a reasonable time.

But I didn’t. I turned the TV back on and created my planner layout for next week and then read. I was awake at 3:00 a.m.

Shortly after that my husband got home. We talked a bit and I tried to get back to sleep, but woke again when he came to bed. I got back to sleep around 5:00 and didn’t wake until past 7:00.

It’s now past 10:00. I had breakfast, did half an hour of Wii Fit, did the leftover social media for a couple of clients, and took a few pictures of flowers. It’s a gorgeous day, but I still feel hungover.


I don’t think I will work today. I think it needs to be a day of quilting, or I won’t get that quilt finished before the first snow. I’m watching Mistresses and drinking lots of water.


Insomnia can just be from stress, like the stress of not getting my work done. Or maybe it’s refined carbs after dinner or leaving electronic screens on till bedtime or staying up too late.

But I think that I sleep better when I protect my good habits. I might need the occasional reminder.