sleep I went to bed last night at 10:30, having spent some time discussing a client’s needs with #2 daughter, who will be working on setting up AB testing for him, and having also spent some time working on the never-ending task of fixing the new website.

At 12:30, the dog woke me up. He has taken to knocking on our bedroom door, crying plaintively. He started in his crate at night, and cried so much that we let him sleep on the hearth instead. Then he started sleeping in our doorway, and then in #2 son’s room while he was at home.

He has now determined that he wants to sleep in with us. If we allow this, he will be up on the bed next. We assume this is his true objective. He has spent years working up to this.

I let him out and then made him go back to the hearth.

At 2:30 the alarm went off. My husband hit the snooze button twice, so that was about 20 minutes of further unrest before I managed to get bck to sleep. At 3:00 the dog was back at the door. I thought he might give up if I ignored him, but at 3:15 I sprang to the door and shouted at him viciously enough that he went away.

I got up at 6:30.

I feel as though I haven’t slept at all. I had planned to go to the gym, but I have overslept by an hour and a half and I feel terrible, so I think I won’t.

A recent study determined that a woman’s level of happiness depends largely on how much sleep she gets. I completely believe this.