Happy Birthday to Me


I received birthday wishes from Google and from Wii Fit first today, and then from my husband and kids. #1 daughter brought dinner — hot roast beef sandwiches, a childhood favorite of mine which I rarely eat — and #1 son brought a cake he and the kids had made, as well as the kids.


They like to help make salad, though they mostly don’t eat vegetables or even fruit. We’re working on that. Each of them ate a banana and lots of potatoes.


They also ate a lot of cake.


We talked and played a game and I read stories and then we watched the beginning of the Republican presidential debate. Everyone left after a bit, but I watched the rest of the debate and my husband got home in time for the interviews at the end.

I can’t believe how old I am. I don’t feel old, of course, but I am certainly older than I have ever been before.