My blood numbers were so good — 114 yesterday morning. But last night they were up to 220. And this morning it was still high — 151.

Here’s what happened. I made dinner with Blue Apron, but it was not satisfying. I replaced the recommended rice with frozen riced cauliflower, which was not good at all. I was out of salad so I used the last of the Cole slaw I made last weekend. Also not very good, but okay I had half a plate of non starchy vegetables.

The Blue Apron recipe called for frying chicken with cornstarch. Again, not very good. The cornstarch was my carbohydrate food. But cornstarch is not satisfying. I didn’t enjoy my dinner, and I persuaded myself that I could have some other source of carbs. I had a couple of slices of whole-grain toast, which was a) a nutritional luxury b) not satisfying. Then I ate some Cracker Jacks. Not the full 1-serving bag, but probably half.

So I had too much starch and some sugar to boot.

It’s good to know that this bad dinner experience raised my blood sugar. I got up and took the dog for a walk, ate my no-decision breakfast, and got an Instacart order in so I’ll have salad and fresh fruit. I got some ground beef out of the freezer and made sure I have ingredients to make some chili for a satisfying meat-and-vegetables, protein-and-fiber dinner.

I’ll make sure to move today and stay properly hydrated.

Then I’ll see whether that improves my blood sugar numbers this evening and tomorrow morning. It should.

It still takes me a couple of tries (and test strips) to get my Accu-Chek done. But I think I’m getting the hang of my diabetes management.

Oh — I made some soap, too.

It feels good to be making things and spending time being productive, after those weeks of sleeping and reading.

However, my house is a terrible mess. I must get some housework in this weekend.