I was getting so much better, from the point of view of my vertigo. Then yesterday I quicklky looked up at the corner of my computer to check something and just as quickly back down and since then I have been very dizzy again.

So frustrating. I had planned to go to church on Easter Sunday. But I had to sit down three times while fixing dinner last night, and changing the sheets was an enormous undertaking.

It’s a bit better today. #1 daughter and the little girls came over to play, and #1 daughter and I also had a business meeting, followed by a sales meeting which I think resulted in a sale. Possibly a pumpkin.

We had fun.

It’s spring. I need to pull weeds and to do some cleaning. But I also plan to rest. I had meetings every day this week and of course Sunday is Easter and the family will be over. I am delighted. But I am also dizzy. I want to nip this resurgence in the bud.

I’m two skeins in on Rift.