perrenials Yesterday was a very up and down day.

I got up on time and got through my morning routine perfectly, started work on time and got all the blogs launched on time.

I had a call with a client, and that went well, but quickly got three meetings on the calendar for this week. Turned out, as I uploaded and installed some documents, that they were formatted for print and not for the web, and the pages I needed to put them into were more complexly coded than I expected, so it took longer than I had anticipated, and I had a lot of interruptions.

The morning work went well in spite of all that and I got the reformatted files quickly, but I didn’t get my tax stuff to the accountant — turns out I was missing a few documents. I also didn’t finish the overdue project, and the completed ones haven’t yet been signed off on.

I took #1 son to lunch at Mellow Mushroom and enjoyed a good salad and one slice of Maui Wowie. We had a good conversation and it was a pleasant break from work. Got back to work and made good progress with the projects, but then discovered a couple of rather large issues.

I got through the stuff of the day and began working on getting the issues sorted, and was at the stage of printing things out, which is often a bad sign, when it was time to leave for a drink with a client.


I drove up to the Next County without incident, found the hotel where we were meeting, and had a lovely time. She’s a very nice woman, very interesting, and we had one of those wide-ranging conversations touching on work, family, people, events, and ideas.

She had a gin and tonic and I had a glass of fruity Gascony white wine and we ate pimiento cheese on toast points — a new experience for me — and an oily hummus with a bit of lemon. The place was very pleasant, the staff were great, and we walked out into the balmy evening feeling good.

I had intended to leave before dark but didn’t, and I got lost. I found myself on a road which went up and down alarmingly — well, no, it didn’t actuaslly do anything, as I reminded myself. It stayed on the ground doing nothing. Here I can hear the voice of #2 daughter, dripping with sarcasm, saying, “As roads are wont to do. Wait — as roads ALWAYS do.”

However, I have this little spatial issue, and an unfamiliar curving road in the dark is just the thing to set it off. I called #1 daughter when I saw a sign welcoming me to a town I couldn’t place, and she was able to get me back on the right road, but by then I was having to tell myself, “Keep driving. Do not stop driving,” and had to keep doing that all the way home.  I hadn’t had a real episode of agoraphobia in quite a while, and it was horrible.

However, I got home and did not die of fright or cause accidents or anything, and it has actually made me more sanguine about the meetings today and tomorrow, for some reason. I suppose the occasional reminder that people don’t really die from anxiety is good.

Today I have lots of interesting work to do, and the meeting should be harmless. #1 daughter attended last time and Janalisa is attending this time, so we’re providing a presence.