I have a sewing  book from 1943 which says that “utility nightgowns” should be made in bunches, assembly line style.

I’ve never been completely sure what a utility nightgown might be. After all, if you’re married, your husband is going to see your utility nightgowns as well as your frilly silky nighties, right? And if you’re single in 1943, your sewing book would surely not be suggesting that you wear utility nightclothes when you’re alone but slip on something slinky when you’re expecting a lover.

In any case, I suppose a flannel nightgown must be a utility gown, so I cut two out at once. I threaded eau de nil satin ribbon through the eyelets of a pretty eyelet trim and sewed the resulting trim to the yoke of the gown.


It turned out very pretty, though you can’t tell from my dreadful photo, but… way too big. Fortunately, it’s just a nightgown and I can go ahead and wear it perfectly cheerfully.


I’ll try to make the second one smaller.