We had a couple of lavish restaurant meals, but mostly we kept it casual. We went to Whole Foods and bought fruit, cheeses, tortillas, and some goodies from the salad bar and ate at #2 son’s apartment, and while we were driving we drove through fast food places. So not really a culinary triumph. However, there were some memorable dishes.

Flourless chocolate cake. The kids had never had it before, and they said it was fudge, not cake, but I enjoyed the silky texture and rich flavor.


Beaughetti at BeauJo’s, served in a bowl made of pizza crust.


An Albuquerque Turkey sandwich with a beer glass in the foreground. Never forget you’re in Beer Country.




Nachos in Arkansas are often a weird fast food thing — tortilla chips with fake cheese sauce. In the west, they are a nice pile of vegetables and cheese and chips (meat optional).




Pizza is one of the basic foods in Ft. Collins. “Colorado Style” appears to be like a pie, with a crust that’s thin and crisp on the bottom and brought up the sides into a thick rope of bread around the edge. This one has marinara sauce, ham, pineapple, mushrooms, and onions.


Artisanal chocolates. They had a creamy texture, but the flavors were frankly a bit odd. They looked like jewels, though. At $1.99 apiece, they are an experience rather than something to eat.