vacation The Weekend Makeover project may have gotten a little bit derailed by the fact that I’m working through my weekends these days, but I think I’m on track. Last weekend I noticed that I have a nice collection of hobbies and learning opportuities, determined not to add any new ones, and considered that sometime in the future I might be able to take part in them again.

This weekend I have just one Weekend Makeover in mind: the Vacation Makeover. This is partly because I still have to work and partly because the next makeover after this one is the Closet Makeover, which doesn’t combine well with a Vacation Makeover.

I therefore have been planning my vacation (i.e., trip to take my kid to college) to Colorado. I have a Pinterest board. I have it on good authority that the gas will set us back about $300 and the hotel rooms will be about the same, though we may be able to bunk with #2 son on the floor, which is where he will be sleeping, anyway, in his new apartment.

I have a list of fun places to go, including Old Town Ft. Collins, a couple of museums, and a brewery.

I think I can wear blue jeans there, so I have no shopping to do.

All I have left, then, is to book the trip tomorrow morning. We’re driving, so we just need hotel reservations and we’re set. Or maybe campground reservations. Or maybe just sleeping bags for #2 son’s floor.

Tonight I am supposed to prepare a typical dinner showing the cuisine and culture of my destination. So what do they eat in Colorado? I suppose a Denver omelette… Googling this question suggests that a cheeseburger would be the most authentic thing, followed by Mexican food and pizza. Following a cheeseburger with those other things would of course not be good, but I have peaches and cherries in the house, so I can have those. And beer. Apparently those are the local dishes.