#2 daughter came to visit. We had lunch at Mimi’s and a DNC watch party, with nachos and watermelon.

Today we went to Rick’s with #1 daughter, #1 son and his kids came by, and then the girls and the Good Ole Boy and my husband and I went out for fried chicken.

There was some work. I took my husband to the unemployment office to make sure that he is required to take the job.

He’s still upset. He wants to continue studying. The woman at the office suggested that he take classes alongside work, and I’m completely in favor of that. But he got quite dismal talking with the girls.

My husband actually gets upset over presents we give him, but he settles down after a bit. #2 daughter said that as an extrovert, he’ll probably enjoy being back at work.

I hope so.

I’m going on vacation. We’ll leave around 7:00 on Sunday morning. I’ll pack and clean tomorrow, but tonight I’m reveling in solitude and selfishness. I hope to store it up enough to enjoy the family road trip fully.

Mind, I expect to enjoy it fully. I’m excited about it.But I know that the amount of human contact I’ve been having recently and will be having in the coming week… it’s challenging for me.

Thus the recharging.

Knitting, BBC mystery programs, decaf tea… maybe some weights.