Today we went to brunch with #2 daughter, her sweetheart, and his friends with whom he has been having weekly brunch for years. Then we got a Christmas tree and decorations. We came back to the house and decorated the tree while watching “White Christmas.”

Dinner was leftover pizza and popcorn. We have been eating a lot of yummy things, though.

Flautas at Yolanda’s.

Grilled chicken, also at Yolanda’s.

Waffles with strawberries at Eggs and Things.

Also at Eggs and Things, chorizo with eggs for #2 daughter and bacon and eggs for my husband. He has had bacon and eggs everywhere.

I made sourdough French toast with apple cinnamon compote one morning, and a croissant strata another day. Grapefruit and toast, too.

In Fresno we had Lao food.

Lots of pastries and cookies and chocolates, too.


It has really felt like a vacation.