The vacation plan is to take #2 son to Ft. Collins. We discussed it at length, I thought, and planned to go from August 8 through 15th.

#2 son and I talked about going on a brewery tour, visiting Old Town, checking out the botanical gardens, and visiting the national park.

#1 son was up for it, and –while my husband didn’t want to go — #1 daughter agreed to come along and bring her large, comfy vehicle.

That’s what I thought was going on.

This evening I asked #1 son if he had been able to get the time off from work. He said he had thought things weren’t settled yet. My husband said we should leave on Aug 6 instead and then perhaps he could go. #1 son said we would need to take two cars.

Until this evening, I had figured I just needed to get an extra 59 posts scheduled and save up a couple thousand dollars. Now, I feel as though perhaps it won’t happen at all.

Two cars will nearly double the cost of the trip. If we all go, we’ll need to take the dogs to a kennel. My small, uncomfy car will require maintenance no doubt. From a simple fun idea that I could barely afford it has become a big complicated thing I probably can’t afford.

Maybe not. Maybe I’m just responding badly to the change in plans.