We spent much of the day in Ventura. I got up at 4:00 and got some work done first,and we enjoyed breakfast at Cafe Nouveau.

Then we went to Super Buzzy, which did not disappoint.

I got some zakka for Christmas stockings and plenty of crafty stuff. I did not buy yarn, but maybe I should have.

We went to the county historical museum, which had an exhibit of”California cool” –mid century furniture and art. They had a permanent exhibit on the Chumash and a nice room full of baskets. Also some intriguing murals and mosaics.

The series shown below depicts the history of the Central Coast from the Chumash to the Conquistadores, Mission days, and so forth. This was the history of my school days. My kids learned about the Civil War and the Trail of Tears instead.

We visited the pier, then went on to a patisserie.



After the pastry and tea we headed back to #2 daughter’s place. We enjoyed conversation and finished up the day with a visit to Yolanda’s, a favorite local restaurant of hers.