Vintage Bag Patterns

These vintage bag patterns came with a sack of vintage yarn — Tahki Ravello — which looks as though it could make one of those bags.

It’s kind of like raffia. It might make a nice bag…and there’s a lot of it. Maybe a lot of bags, for Christmas gifts.

There are lots of different shapes in the patterns.

Simple shapes like this one with varied stitches, too.

Apparently leather was in short supply during the war and “Cordé” or “cordet” was used to make bags, both commercially and at home.

I think this is my favorite — because of the angles, of course. I don’t know if they’d show up in the black Ravello.

I may need to add it to my queue.

Pattern: Gimp Bag Pattern No. 4805

Gimp Bag Pattern No. 4805

Jack Frost Gimp—1 lb. Tube
Size 2 Steel Crochet Hook

Row 1—Ch 16. Skip first ch, work 1 s c in each of next 14 sts, 3 s c in last st, 14 s c on other side of ch, ch 1, turn. Row 2—Work 1 s c in each of first 14 sts, taking back loop, 3 s c in next st, 1 s c in next st, 3 s c in next st, 1 s c in each of remaining 14 sts, ch 1, turn. Row 3—Work 1 s c in each of first 15 sts, 3 s c in next st, 1 s c in each of next 3 sts, 3 s c in next st, 1 s c in each of remaining 15 sts. Continue working as described above, having 1 more st at each side and 2 more at lower edge on every row for 50 rows. Work a corresponding piece. Work 15 rows of s c across top of each piece, taking back loop.

Coming back to add —

Never mind swatching. When I unpacked the bag, I discovered a partially completed bag.

I’ll need to figure out which bag this is and complete it.

But yes, even though the stitch definition is lost in the black, the shine makes the texture stand out well enough to make a  good effect. And I think this yarn makes a nice bag. It is made of mostly cotton and viscose/rayon, plus polyethylene, which is straight up plastic. That must be what gives it the raffia-like texture.

There was also a bunch of vintage Bernat Splash, which is a novelty yarn. I think I have enough to make a sweater, though I’m not sure a sweater would be a suitable choice.


I swatched with both crochet — the mangy looking bit at the bottom — and knitting. It’s weird. Maybe a blanket? An enormous fleet of stuffed toys?

The Good Ol’ Boy’s mama gave me this treasure trove.

I looked after the girls for a couple of hours while he and #1 daughter finished moving. Satisfying way to spend my afternoon.

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