I’m sick. Too sick to stand up without feeling dizzy, too sick to open my eyes fully. Before it got this bad I went to the grocery and bought scads of fresh produce. I’ve also put a roast in the oven, having daubed it liberally with horseradish.

Actually, my husband bought the roast. I looked up in my vintage Betty Crocker Cookbook how to cook a pot roast. They recommended horseradish and Worcestershire sauce. I mixed the two into a bit of a sauce and spread it on the meat. I browned it in olive oil and while it browned, I noted that the horseradish’s “best by” date was just two weeks out, so I slathered more on.

I also put a loaf of whole wheat honey bread into the bread pan and it and the roast are now in the oven. When I take the rolls out, I’ll add vegetables and perhaps a bit of broth to the roast. A nice dinner.

I’m reading Drop Dead Healthy, which is quite funny. And feeling sorry for myself. That’s about it for today.