I’m trying out Vision Optimizer, a supplement for eyes, for Vine. It’s supposed to be taken three times a day, at meals. I’m not much for supplements (i.e., I don’t believe in them and I never take them) but I have been having trouble with my eyes.

I think the morning pain was caused by a serum I was testing, which I put under my eyes. But I’ve also had some blurriness and have been having to use reading glasses to read and knit.

I took one of the pills on Friday and one yesterday, having failed to read the instructions, so today may be the first real day of taking these pills. I’m not having the pain any more and I’m typing this without reading glasses. I did experience some blurry vision in my left eye yesterday, but I also drove all over without realizing I wasn’t wearing my driving glasses.

Yes, I have two kinds of glasses.

In any case, does this mean that the supplement works wonders in days at a low dosage, or that my eye problems went away on their own before I started using the supplement? I’m not sure.