I’ve been myopic — nearsighted — for pretty much my whole life. I’ve had the same glasses prescription for decades. Then about a year ago (I think) my vision suddenly got worse. I went in for new glasses and by the time the glasses had been made and arrived, my vision had changed again.

I had 20-20 vision and no longer needed glasses to drive, but I needed reading glasses.

Okay, I got old, that makes sense.

But now I no longer need reading glasses. I need my old distance glasses. I can thread needles, read music, and so forth without reading glasses. But I can no longer read the TV from the sofa.

I find this weird.

In other news, I am working on some exciting things. I like working with clients who have a vision and a high level of excitement for their projects. And I’m excited that #1 daughter and #1 son have some visions for our company, too. This week my participation in these things has meant getting to work at 4:00 a.m. and continuing until 10:00 or 11:00 pm. I’m trying not to whine about it, and to take satisfaction in the work even though the work load is somewhat overwhelming.

I’m down 17% on steps, haven’t gotten 7 hours of sleep in a while, am working out only one or two days a week, am not sticking with my habits… but I am getting work done.

It’s handy that I have my near vision back, under the circumstances. But I wonder whether I should see a doctor. What would I say, though? “My far sight magically got better last year and my near sight got worse, and now I’m spending 14 hours a day working at a computer and my vision situation has reversed.”