Six months after my cataract surgery, I still am not hitting my 3k step goal in my daily (mostly) 30 minute Wii Fit stepping. But the implants are just as they should be. My vision has not changed, which is what we were going for. And the doctor says I don’t have to use my glasses if I don’t want to.

Actually, she started by saying, “So you’re having some nausea when you use the 1.25 readers?”

“Um, no,” I had to say. I really couldn’t come up with anything else.

She was looking at the wrong chart.

But the tech who did the measuring and asked me all those questions said, “Sister, you’re livin’ right!”

She also told me I had beautiful eyes, so she might just be one of those people who believes in praising folks. However, it is apparently the case that people my age usually have had lots of surgery and take lots of prescriptions. (I looked it up. Four different prescriptions daily, to be precise.)

Not I. I’m living’ right.