I gave in to temptation last night and dug into Super Bowl Food leftovers, and I also did some work — I left myself about 15 minutes between screen time and sleep. I went to bed at the regular time, woke with my husband’s alarm at 2:15 but got back to sleep, and woke at 6:30 from a dream about taking a pregnant teenager and her crotchety aunts across Arkansas in a train. That’s eight hours of sleep with just one interruption.

I’m feeling reasonably well rested, have a sore throat, and am going to exercise before getting to work.

Michio Kaku writes in The Future of the Mind that our ideas about the mind change with technology. At first, people thought the mind was like a little person, then that it was like a clock, then that it was like a steam engine, then that it was like a factory, and then that it was like a computer.

Each time, we discover that the machines we build are nowhere near as complex as our brains.

However, Kaku asserts that everything about how we think and feel, including consciousness, can be explained in strictly physical or biological terms. He hasn’t yet explained it all, but I’m only partway through the book, so who knows?