I meant to take pictures at War Eagle, but didn’t get around to it. It was a gorgeous early autumn day, with some color in the trees and leaves falling onto the car.

#1 daughter and I took the Baby to the craft fair. There were some fine goods there, and I bought a lot. A lot. I’m now almost through with my Christmas shopping.

Some of the vendors I spent with:

Willow Brook Leather

I want this bag for myself. I didn’t buy it. I did find gifts for #1 son and #2 daughter.

Dewberry Ridge

Another gift for #2 daughter — I think she’s taken care of as far as buying things goes.

I was hoping to find local yarn to buy for my sister. These folks sell yarn, but not at the fair.

Dallas Caramel Company

Awesome caramel in many flavors. Turns out it should be eaten before Christmas, so this won’t make it into the stockings.

JJ’s All Natural BBQ Sauce

The Good Ol’ Boy’s family — I got the full line for my husband’s Christmas gift.

Maple’s Organics

Charming baby clothes.

Everyone was friendly and nice. I felt real connections with people who were tolerating heat and crowds in order to sell their goods to way too many strangers. How impressive is that?

#1 daughter and I had good conversations and Baby played with me. I shook a shaker egg all around her and she looked at the sound. It’s a great game.

Then knitting. A quarrel with my husband. More knitting.

My husband complained that I don’t talk with him enough. I’m going to try to do better.