Last time I published a picture of my closet, it was full of drab,  swampy colors. They were hanging neatly, but the overall look was sober. That picture is shown below. The picture above shows my current wardrobe, mostly in pretty, soft colors, not as neatly arranged.

I now wear size 10 jeans and size 14-16 jackets. Sometimes a 12 in tops and blouses, though I’m still a bit top heavy and also have a bit of a tummy, as the fashion mavens say, so a trimmer cut still requires a larger size. I’m within a few pounds of winning the Wii Fit game by moving out of the “overweight” classification and into the normal range. I could lose another 20 pounds and be slim, but I don’t know whether that will happen. I’m not dieting, just eating right (most of the time). Presumably I’ll settle in at a healthy weight at some point.

So maybe I should go ahead and sew up my stash in the SWAP I’ve been planning for some time. It’s been hard enough for me to give up nice store-bought clothes just because they’re too big. It’s hard to sew up beautiful fabrics knowing that I won’t be able to wear them in a few months. But size 10 is completely acceptable. I don’t feel a need to get any smaller than that. I might stay right there.

As for the size 16, I bought a few jackets in that size when Talbot’s and Coldwater Creek had their end of season sales this month. I intend to wear them as much as I can. Will I end up getting enough smaller in the shoulders that I won’t be able to wear them next year? If I just go down in waist and bust, I could still wear them, right?

I’m not sure. But I am going to sew a bit, in between working on the layette and before I get started on Christmas gifts.

Today I took a PSD (personal sewing day) and made a couple of new garments.

Here’s the fabric stack for that SWAP:

There’s a bit of a swampy tidepool look to it, but it probably won’t be enough to overcome all the pretty pink and blue.

The print will be a two-piece dress. Below is the blue-green column. It’s a pair of Elle pants in Emma One Sock “hybrid” woven and a Hot Patterns Fringe Festival top in a lovely soft rayon jersey.

The top is waiting to be hemmed after it rests overnight. It is very obvious that the pants are blue and the top is green. This is not really the monochromatic column the Nix-Rice class advocates.


But I like both pieces. The scarf detail has not lost its charm as I’ve worn the muslin (which was actually made from a floral scuba knit). Realistically, I’m not likely to wear the bright pants out in public anyway, so the SWAP will not be destroyed. Also, both shades look good with the print and all blue-green shades are good for me.

I made the pale taupe pair of pants earlier in the month and I plan to sew up the dark taupe pair tomorrow — it’s already cut out.

I should also make another top, right? I haven’t made a final decision about the woven tops, but I have two T’n’T knit top patterns. And of course there’s that hemming to do. The main focus of the weekend is to enjoy a hermit-like state in combined recovery and preparation for the busy social weekends that have characterized the summer and will continue to do so.

However, I also noticed this when I was in the sewing room:

This is the blanket from the Gull Stitch Layette. The baby shower is two weeks from today and I need to finish it before then.

So should I sew tomorrow or knit?

I also continue to wonder whether the gorgeous silk georgette print should be sewn up if I am still going to get thinner.

It could happen.