The octopus above, Dapper Octopus, is from Urban Threads. I’m still planning to learn machine embroidery this year. They have a lot of cool and snazzy designs, including a number of aquatic ones coordinating with their Spoonflower designs.

Do you see this one on the bodice of a blouse or the lapel of a jacket?

Last week’s healthful habit to develop was embracing vegetables, and I have been embracing vegetables pretty well in spite of the sadness and difficulty of the week. I didn’t have new veggies each day, but I did have some veggies each day, and I’ve been over 6k steps most days. This week is the week to give up sugary drinks and  switch to water. Fortunately, I don’t drink soda so my level of distraction is not an issue. I’m on track for weight loss and got caught up on some of the work I was behind on.

I can probably handle drinking water.

I was talking with #1 son this morning and he told me that he has been doing all the grocery shopping at the place he shares with his brother. #2 son, he explained, “can live on a sack of potatoes and a pile of peanut butter sandwiches for a month.”

His own system, however, has different requirements. “I need fresh food,” he explained, “like vegetables and fish and chicken.” He presented this as though it were an interesting difference between himself and his brother.

I suggested that maybe his brother had fallen into appalling grad student health habits and needed rescuing. It is easy, if you have single-minded focus on an important goal, to ignore things like food, sleep, and water. I know for a fact that #2 son took up drinking sodas. I know he also drinks beer. If he eats nothing but potatoes and peanut butter and rarely gets out in the sun, he may soon devolve from a guy who looks like he belongs on the cover of a romance novel to a guy who looks like… someone who hunches over a computer day and night with soda and PB&Js.

So, while I may not myself find the idea of drinking water challenging, I intend to appreciate my good fortune in that during this week, the water week.

I wish I could also go down to the sea. Swimming, floating in the cool water, walking on the sand… those things would be nice right now.

Or not, since it’s February.