knitforthenavy We finished a website today, had a positive meeting on the bones of another website, and made some progress on a couple more. This was good.

I met with The New Girl, who needs a better nickname, and we continued with the negotiations to bring her on full time. With Spaceship quarter time, me full time, The New Girl fulltime, #1 daughter full time, and The Art Professor, Janalisa, and The Graphics Guy, we’ll have a fine team.

However, #2 daughter says our problem is a lack of management. We need account managers, she says, and then we’d have plenty of people to do the actual work.

I’m going to contemplate that idea while knitting and eating cookies this evening. This is my 2013 version of Mardi Gras wild indulgence. I think that’s as far as I’m prepared to go, because it is snowing.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and I will be giving up sweets for Lent. I suppose it’s possible that it will be a snow day tomorrow. Regardless, I am not working any more tonight.