I enjoyed a visit with the female family members of my daughter-in-law elect. Her wedding pinboard is shown above, and the planned decorations for the reception are very like what’s on the board, but they are having a white, black, and gold color scheme for the wedding. Where did that come from? Possibly her mama. Or the fact that the wedding will take place on New Year’s Eve.

The bride actually looks a lot like the girl in the picture, or would with makeup like that.

The drive was a pleasure, with the fall colors everywhere and a brilliant blue sky filled with fancy clouds.

I went to the Evil Palace of Books and used coupons to do a bit more Christmas shopping, then home to sew up some new kitchen curtains and then to begin #1 son’s knitted Christmas gift, which I think I might conceivably finish in time if I knit in all my spare time between now and then.

Which I certainly can do.

I also spent more time playing around with planners and stickers. I have spent more than I should on this new hobby, but the real cost has been in time. Time when I should have been knitting.

In any case, it sounds as though the wedding will be small and sweet and beautiful. I’m getting a couple of grandchildren out of the deal, and #1 son will have a wife to take care of him.