The nice woman from the WSJ called and interviewed me yesterday. Unfortunately, she called just as Janalisa arrived for a walk, but I had to talk with her. I had spent much of the day up to that point talking with the PR firm and so on.

I think she probably wanted a sadder story than I had to offer her. She was looking for a laid off worker who had successfully taken up contract work, and that’s me, but I didn’t have much adversity to offer her along the way. As you guys know, if you always read this blog and have total recall, I actually didn’t have any adversity in the course of this year.

“Well, I got laid off so I went and asked a computer guy for work and then I wrote some stuff and people offered me jobs” doesn’t make a thrilling story. I may be one sentence in her story. “Some workers found the transition relatively easy. Ms. X, a middle aged lady in a small rural town I’ve never heard of, just kind of went out and got some work. Mr. Y, however, had a much better story. Let me tell you about him…”

She may also make me sound like a complete idiot. This is my real concern. I have read the WSJ for years, and they often make people sound like idiots. She was nice to me, while the PR person had warned me that some people found her impatient, but I know that reporters are nice to their subjects merely to lure them into unguarded remarks which they will later use to make their subjects sound like idiots.

Still, the overall coolness of the event made it worthwhile. I hope.

I got a couple more new jobs yesterday, but the assortment of calls and emails and things involved in that and the WSJ interview caused me to get only four billable hours in.